Yhteistyössä Hietsun paviljongin ja kapellimestari James Kahanen kanssa Helsingin kamariorkesterin akatemia ryhmä esittää uuden kulttuurin karanteeni konserttisarjansa suorana striiminä Hietsusta.

Toisessa konsertissa kuullaan Tšaikovskin ja Finzin sentimentaalista musiikkia muistuttamassa meitä siitä mikä tekee meistä inhimillisiä.

In collaboration with the Hietsun Paviljonki and conductor James S. K., the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra Academy group is happy to introduce its new Lockdown of the culture concert series.

The second program is centered around the sentimental music of Tchaikovsky and Finzi, which reminds us of what makes us human.

Ohjelmassa (Programme)

  • G. Finzi: Eclogue for Piano and Strings

  • P. I. Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence

Esiintyjät (Performers)

  • James S. K. (conductor)

  • Martin Malmgren (piano)

  • Andrew Ng Wen Hao ( 1st violin)

  • Vadim Grumeza ( 1st violin)

  • Ella Griinari ( 1st violin)

  • Kanerva Mannermaa (1st violin)

  • Yonatan Quemado (2nd violin)

  • Aino Szalai (2nd violin)

  • Juliana Pöyry (2nd violin)

  • Marie Stolt (2nd violin)

  • Julie Svačinová (Viola)

  • Margarethe Breit (Viola)

  • Serguei Gonzalez (Viola)

  • Anthony Hall (Viola)

  • Greta Ernasaks (Cello)

  • Hsin-Di Shih (Cello)

  • Bruno Lima (Cello)

  • Venla Lahti (Double bass)

Streaming: Jaakko Tiikasalo

Arts and especially music have always had a transformative impact on societies as a part of the evolution of earthly civilizations. Currently, with a covid crisis wreaking havoc all over the world, it is most unfortunate that live music is one of the first fields to be sacrificed on the altar of security.  For what would be a society without music, where the dominating sounds would be only the roaring noise of cities? History has often shown us that the shared voice of the individuals that speak through arts can be silenced only by depriving us our true humanity. But since musicians are the emissaries of the arts and it is always and in every situation crucial to continue to make and perform music, the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra is proud to present a project outside its main season programme.

The Lockdown culture project consists of two short string concerts, where young musicians have gathered together to fulfil their duty to keep the voice of humanity speaking through the music of its past generations.
— James & Orchestra

Organized by Töölön kaupunginosat – Töölö ry. & Hietsun paviljonki in collaboration with James Kahane & Helsinki Chamber Orchestra.

Suora lähetys Hietsun paviljongilta 20.12 kello 19:00.

Katso konsertti Hietsun YouTube kanavalta 

Striimaus: Jaakko Tiikasalo

Järjestäjä: Töölön kaupunginosat – Töölö Ry. & Hietsun paviljonki & James Kahane & Helsinki Chamber Orchestra.