Su 27.11 klo 15:00, konsertti Silvia Tarozzi & Antti Tolvi & Castrillón Duo.

    Paikasta, josta erilaiset muinaiset ja nykyiset kummajaiset ovat nousseet, nousevat. Muodonmuutostaikojen tila on pienin mahdollinen muutos, fantasia. Se on sisäinen tapahtuma, jossa kaikki on mahdollista. 

    Tanja Tiekso: Fantasma

    Hietsun lumous ja fantasma sunnuntaina musiikkivieraina italialainen viulisti-säveltäjä Silvia Tarozzi, äänitaitelija Antti Tolvi sekä Natalia ja Sergio Castrillónin muodostama Castrillón Duo.

    Konsertin jälkeen kirjallisuuskeskustelu Fantasma kirjasta 17:30


    • Alkulumous: Castrillón Duo.

    • Lume: Silvia Tarozzi & Antti Tolvi

    Liput konserttiin 5€, Töölön kaupunginosat jäsenille ilmainen

    Kirjallisuuskeskusteluun vapaa pääsy

    Järjestää: Äänen lumo, Hietsun akatemia, Töölön kaupunginosat – Töölö Ry. & Hietsun paviljonki

    Striimaus: Anders Pohjola

    Katsottavissa myös Hietsun kulttuurikanavalla

    Striimausta ja kanavaa tukee Koneen säätiö @KoneenSaatio

      Silvia Tarozzi is a violinist, composer and improviser. The oral transmission of music and the form created through a deep immersion into the sound are traits of her musical research and find expression in several collaborations with composers as Éliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Pascale Criton, Cassandra Miller, Martin Arnold, Pierre -Yves Macé, Philip Corner.

      Her projects are released by I dischi di Angelica, Unseen Worlds, New World Records, Potlatch. Her concerts have been recorded and broadcasted by BBC Radio and France Musique. She performs regularly in festivals and venues in Europe, North America, Canada, Mexico.

      Antti Tolvi is a sound artist and performer from Turku Finland. Antti has been one of the most important names in the experimental music scene in Finland since 2002, and has performed on three continents totalling to over 400 shows and 14 solo records. Since 2016, Antti has held 15 solo exhibitions and participated in 22 group exhibitions.

      Freedom, peace, gratitude and minimalist aesthetics are often reflected in Anttis works which combine sound, light, wind, water, bodily sensations and living visual elements. The works have been exhibited e.g. Rovaniemen Taidemuseo (2022), Helsinki Juhlaviikot (2021), Musica Nova festivals (2021), Huuto Galleria HKI (2021), Helsinki Biennale (Teemu Lehmusruusu working group 2021), Pori Art Museum (2020), Titanik Gallery TKU (2022 & 2019) and Sinne Galleria HKI (2017). Antti Tolvi’s work Noise and form is part of the Wihuri Foundation’s collection. Antti has also been organizing the annual Kiilan äänipäivät sound art festival on Kemiönsaari since 2014.

      Sergio Castrillón is a classically trained composer and cellist well versed in improvisation and multidisciplinary projects. He is actively collaborating with a diverse set of artists from different musical territories and backgrounds. Since 2009 his work has been focused on electroacoustic/instrumental and acousmatic music, as well as music theatre and performance. His pieces have been premiered and performed in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Peru, Sweden, Spain and Uruguay.

      Natalia Castrillón is a multifaceted harpist, singer and a composer whose musical roots lie in traditional Latin American music, as well as classical and experimental music. Based in Helsinki for several years she is much in demand as a musician who is able to cross genre boundaries and touch the listener. Castrillón has developed her own personal way of playing, in which she combines innovative, percussive techniques with more traditional harp playing. Besides the lever harp, she uses the llanera harp, which is typically featured in the traditional joropo music of Colombia and Venezuela, also known as música llanera (music of the plains).

      Kulttuurikanava tukee @koneensäätiö

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